Exceed ANSI Z359 Standards

Fall Protection Goes Beyond Current and Future Standards

To reduce employee injury and significant financial loss, adopting the ANSI standards is a must. ANSI standards will take your business above and beyond OSHA fall protection regulations, allowing you to provide your workers with the utmost fall protection safety. The American National Standards Institute regulates the injuries incurred from falls, and because of this, frequently enacts new standards to keep your workers and business safe. The ANSI Z359.1 standard was introduced in 1992 and then revised in 1999. This standard addressed the variety of equipment being developed throughout the Fall Protection industry.

Originally, this standard included fall arresters, harnesses, lanyards, anchorage connectors, lifelines, and more. Smaller components of this equipment include rope, connectors, straps, thread, and thimbles. The ANSI Z359.1 standard pertained to the fall arrest equipment being used in General Industry. Note, the Construction Industry has its own standards to comply to, meaning the ANSI Z359.1 does not apply to their specific industry. Regardless of the applicable field, Lighthouse Safety has the expertise needed to help you adhere to every fall protection regulation and become ANSI compliant.

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