System Design Services

Fall Protection Systems to Meet Current and Future Standards

Fall Protection System DesignLighthouse Safety has the expertise to install fall protection systems to OSHA standards and beyond. We design systems which are user friendly and provide maximum mobility for workers. We’ll incorporate all of your unique concerns when designing a system which looks great and ensures optimum safety.

System engineering is required when there is not a strong known anchoring point for attachments. A Fall Protection System absolutely must be attached to a stable base strong enough for holding the weight of one or more workers falling. Our systems often include the construction and/or installation of steel from the floor to above the ceiling. Other designs allow attachments like anchors or bases to support other equipment. Though the products for Fall Protection and Fall Arrest Systems may be the same for all installations, the system design always vary per facility.

Contact the Fall Protection Designers at Lighthouse Safety to ensure your facility meets OSHA standards.
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Fall Protection System
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Fall Protection System
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