Hazard Assessments

Fall Protection Plans Offer Solutions for Fall Exposures

Fall Hazard Assessment An objective hazard assessment, one that makes fair judgments on the risks involved, is essential for any organization. The experts at Lighthouse Safety will help keep you in compliance with the many complex and ever-changing regulations. One of our Fall Protection Specialists will visit your facility and do a thorough assessment of all the fall exposures at your site. An accurate quote is provided along with a minimum of two solutions for each exposure.

These solutions consist of products from different manufacturers so you have several choices for your fall protection. To keep assessments more cost effective for clients whose facilities are not in quick travel distance, we have several manufacturer representatives and engineers all over the US who can come out and do your assessment. In select cases, Lighthouse accepts pictures and videos of your facility’s fall exposures, then offering a quote based off our analysis from those materials.

Contact our Fall Protection Experts to learn about our Fall Protection Plans or to schedule your Hazard Assessment today.