Fall Protection Services

Fall Protection Equipment Installation

We provide certification which never fails to meet or exceed local, state, and federal legislative requirements. Since we exclusively administer tests of the highest caliber, our certification maintains CSA, OSHA, and ANSI standards, thereby providing professional excellence.

Fall Protection Consultants

Lighthouse Safety’s consulting practice includes analyzing needs, identifying solutions, and recommending the correct equipment, as well as providing customized training for our customers

Hazard Assessments

An objective hazard assessment, one that makes fair judgments on the risks involved, is essential for any organization. The experts at Lighthouse Safety will help keep you in compliance with the many complex and ever-changing regulations.

Fall Protection System Design

We design systems which are user friendly and provide maximum mobility for workers. We’ll incorporate all of your unique concerns when designing a system which looks great and ensures optimum safety.

Fall Protection System Engineering

With our knowledge, experience, skills and resources, your Fall Hazard Solution is not restricted to off-the-shelf items or pre-engineered products. We engineer solutions which are innovative, exceeding local, state, and federal legislative requirements.

Contact our Fall Protection Professionals for more information on our services and capabilities.