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Fall Protection Solutions

Spanco is the leading American manufacturer of overhead workstation cranes. They welcome challenging projects that require custom engineering. They also offer hundreds of pre-engineered lifting and moving solutions, including Workstation Bridge Cranes, Jib Cranes, Gantry Cranes, Monorails, and Tractor Drives.

An off-shoot of Spanco, Rigid Lifelines® has been designing and building some of the most innovative and highest-performing fall arrest and fall restraint systems available anywhere since 1996.

Supervisors report that worker compliance is higher because Rigid LIfeline’s work-at-height systems are simpler to use and allow unsurpassed freedom of movement. They are a well- funded, research-driven company owned by a family of engineers who aims to be “best-in-class” in fall arrest and fall restraint equipment.

They invest in ultra-precise manufacturing and quality assurance systems. And more importantly, they invest in people. Professional and certified engineers. A full-time R&D staff.  Continuous worker training. Lighthouse Safety works closely with Spanco and the Rigid Lifelines division to answer the special needs of corporate end-users, at-height workers and their safety supervisors.

Spanco Fall Arrest Track (pdf)

SPANCO Fall Arrest track systems are a cost-effective solution to the growing need for personal fall protection in today’s industry. SPANCO offers a variety of options for our Fall Arrest track to best suit your application. From one to two man systems, steel or aluminum track, plain or trussed design, we can keep your employees secure allowing them to focus on the job at hand.

Contact fall arrest system specialists at Lighthouse Safety today all your fall protection needs, services and training.