Fall Tech Fall Protection Equipment

Fall Tech Fall Protection EquipmentFall Tech provides top quality fall protection products, keeping you and your workers safe from falling and safe when in a fall. Fall Tech’s equipment serves many industries, including commercial construction, general industry, residential construction, electric, petrochemical, tower, harsh environments, and water and sewer. They have twenty years of experience and utilize fall protection experts, product developers, and engineers for the design, manufacturing, and testing on all of their products. This dedication ensures the safety of people exposed to fall hazards and utilizing Fall Tech’s fall protection products.

Fall Tech’s equipment line includes:

  • Anchors
    • Steel
    • Roofing
    • Concrete
    • Multi-Purpose
    • Horizontal Lifeline Kits
    • Ladder Systems
  • Body Wear
    • Full Body Harness
    • Belts and Accessories
  • Connectors
    • Shock Absorbing Lanyards
    • Positioning Lanyards
    • Restraint Lanyards
    • Vertical Access Connectors
    • Carabiners and Extenders
  • Devices
    • Self-Retracting Lifelines
    • Rescue
    • Confined Space
  • Kits
    • Carry Kits
    • Combo Kits
    • Roofers Kits
    • Starter Kits
    • Storage
  • Systems
    • Rigid Overhead Systems
    • Guardrails
    • Permanent Horizontal Lifeline
    • XSPlatforms


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