Fabenco/Bluewater Fall Protection Equipment

Fabenco/Bluewater Manufacturing, Inc specializes in non-penetrating, passive fall protection products for workplace safety. Their versatile line of guardrail systems fit a variety of applications and meets OSHA guidelines for a permanent guardrail without penetrating your roof. No drilling is needed for installation. In addition, it can be used as a portable system, being moved from one area to another, for example- a great feature for waste water treatment plants.

Their optional Rail Transport Cart stores multiple sections of rail and bases and can also be moved easily from one location to another. The Safety Rail 2000 system only requires a 90° return at the beginning and end of a run, whether it is 5′ or 1000’+. This unique design allows for the elimination of potential trip hazards created by counterweights used in other guardrail systems.

Two workers can easily install more than 500′ of rail in less than 2 hours, without drilling holes into your roof. No other guardrail system can make this claim. Lighthouse Safety has worked with Bluewater for over a decade and is familiar with their entire product line. Please contact us with any of your questions or concerns regarding this unique product.

Contact the passive fall protection system experts at Lighthouse Safety today for all your fall protection needs.