Lighthouse Safety Fall Protection Services

Providing Personal Protective Equipment to Make Your Company’s Safety Standards Best-In-Class

Fall ProtectionLighthouse Safety offers several services to help you exceed Fall Protection standards. We can provide you with an assessment of your fall hazards and help you pick out the appropriate equipment and Fall Protection Systems for your jobsite or facility. Our Fall Protection Specialists offer installation services, ensuring the equipment you purchased is properly installed. We can also train your workers and supervisors on how to properly maintain and work the safety equipment. You can choose to utilize all of our services or just one to bring your facility up to OSHA standards.

Most Fall Protection Equipment manufacturers only sell their products and do not offer installation services. They do however, offer certifications to Fall Protection Specialists, certifying the installation of their equipment is done properly and to the highest standards. Lighthouse Safety is certified by each of our manufacturers to ensure you are provided with the highest quality installation services. Don’t risk costly fines for poor Fall Protection Systems, Lighthouse Safety has all the resources to guarantee you will meet standards now and in the future. If you need Fall Protection for a power company, aircraft maintenance, rail car loading, manufacturing, automotive assembly, or fire and rescue, we have the equipment and expertise to meet your needs.

Contact our Fall Protection System Specialists for all of your Fall Protection installation, consulting, and training needs.

Meet OSHA Fall Protection Standards by Utilizing Lighthouse Safety Services

OSHA Fall Protection StandardsOSHA requires facilities with workers exposed to fall hazards to have the appropriate Fall Protection Systems in place. This includes guardrail systems, personal fall arrest systems, safety net systems, safety monitoring systems, and more when necessary. OSHA also requires each of these systems to be constructed and installed properly. As well as workers using the equipment to have training in the proper selection, use, and maintenance of all Fall Protection Systems. When OSHA cites a company for not having proper Fall Protection Systems in place, the fine amounts to thousands of dollars. The second citation doubles the fine, and it continues to grow from there until they have essentially fined you out of business. Lighthouse Safety knows the OSHA standards inside and out, and provides services to meet all the criteria OSHA requires. Avoid costly fines and keep your workers and business safe by hiring our expert Fall Protection Specialists.

Contact our Fall Arrest System Experts when you need help meeting current and future safety standards.

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