Roof Fall Protection Systems

Anchors, Harnesses, Retractable Lanyards, and More

Roof Top Fall Protection Systems are required by OSHA to access roofs for general maintenance, servicing HVAC units, and more. Roof edges, skylights, and multi-level roofs are only a few of the many hazards on roof tops which need Fall Protection Systems in place for safety. Guardrails on the edges of roofs will prevent falls by putting a barrier between the worker and the fall hazard. Fall Restraint mechanisms, including anchors and other lifeline devices, are additional ways to prevent falls.

Anchors can be temporarily or permanently attached to the roof, allowing lifelines to be made. Lifelines can then be attached to your worker’s harness, giving them mobility while reducing the risk of falling. For people who have to work on the edges of a roof, there is fall protection equipment which will stop a fall after it happens. However, this is the least preferred form of fall protection. Despite the fact it will prevent the worker from falling to the ground, small injuries may occur due to the fall.

ANSI Z359 Fall Protection Code requires fall arrest systems, subsystems and their components to adhere to certain safety regulations. Lighthouse Safety builds you a customized OSHA Fall Protection System, ensuring you are following all OSHA Fall Protection regulations. We help you become best-in class by also adhering to ANSI fall protection requirements. Reduce the risk of falls and you will not only save your business millions of dollars in lawsuits and workers comp, you will also save the lives of your workers.

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