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Knowledge of the New ANSI Fall Protection Standards Is A Must


Striving to maintain a “best in class” fall protection program can be an ongoing battle. Factors such as budget, employees or management can stall the process. Add in gravity, and you have the potential for a major loss.

I have worked with many companies, from smaller family-owned to Fortune 500, and have had the privilege of assisting with many best-in-class programs over the past 35+ years.

We recently responded to a call from a company where an employee had a near-fatal fall. The wrong height had been chosen as an anchorage point and the employee fell into a chemical vat. This resulted in an insurance claim that is still active and currently exceeds $4 million in damages. A review of the company’s fall protection program revealed many deficiencies.

It is critical to devote both time and money to understanding and implementing the new and proposed ANSI standards for fall protection. Falls are the number-one cause of all workers’ comp claims and liability losses in the workplace. The average cost of a fall from between 15-30 feet is $750,000- $1 million dollars. A complete fall protection program, based on the current standards, and supported by the proper equipment, systems and training, will protect businesses and their employees from devastating psychological, physical and financial losses. This translates into an immediate return on investment.

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