Fall Protection Company with 35 Years of Experience in the Safety Industry

Lighthouse Safety Fall Protection Services Go Above and Beyond OSHA Standards

Fall Protection CompanyJohn Corriveau, owner of Lighthouse Safety, since 1993, has over 35 years of experience in the Safety Industry. John started selling safety equipment in 1978 and since has spent the past 20 years specializing in installation and training for all areas of Fall Protection, Confined Space, and Rescue. His expertise gave him the opportunity to travel the world as a contract trainer for OSHA and the United States Air Force. John is a member of The National Safety Council, The American Society of Safety Engineers, and The International Society for Fall Protection. He is also an active voting member of the ANSI Z359 committee since 2006. John is a renowned speaker and trainer who has helped design some of the most sophisticated Fall Protection safety systems in use today. His extensive product knowledge, combined with his broad range of experiences and relationships with the top manufacturers of Fall Protection equipment, enables him to share a wide spectrum of practice and theory in today’s environment.

John and his expert team share their vast knowledge through Fall Protection installations and training services. The services they provide help businesses and their facilities meet current and future safety standards set by OSHA and ANSI. They utilize engineers all over the world to make sure their installations are perfect the first time, ensuring the safety of your business and your workers. Lighthouse Safety has even been awarded a U.S. patent for a fall protection bypass device they created. Lighthouse Safety provides superior Fall Protection equipment, systems, and training.

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