Engineering Services for Fall Protection System Strength

When Roof Fall Protection Systems Need Extra Support, We Do Custom Engineering

When your facility requires site-specific engineering, we deliver high quality specs and drawing for your customized Fall Protection System. With our knowledge, experience, skills and resources, your Fall Hazard Solution is not restricted to off-the-shelf items or pre-engineered products. We engineer solutions which are innovative, exceeding local, state, and federal legislative requirements.

Our Fall Protection Experts custom fabricate and powder coat steel for superior roofing, among many other applications. Lighthouse Safety has the capabilities to design and engineer systems for airplane hangars, roofs, and more. Some of the applications we have engineered materials and systems for include bridge crane fall protection, press pit, press top, bridge rescue, pre-cast concrete decking, and metal roof decking.

There is no facility that can outwit the specialists at Lighthouse Safety. Our many years of experience provide us with a complete understanding of Fall Protection Systems, as well as the equipment needed to work on them. If we are presented with something previously unknown, we will rise to the challenge and once again deliver premium engineering services for our clients.

Contact our Fall Protection Engineers to learn more about our Engineering Services and how we can build superior support for your Fall Arrest Systems.

Fall Arrest Systems for Aviation Facilities

Airplane Hangar Fall Protection System Engineering Design  With 30 Degree Cone

Fall Protection System Engineering Design

Fall Protection Equipiment Engineering

Fall Protection Engineering Services